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Below are some examples of Davids's portfolio experience:




David K. "Dave" Kochalka

David Kochalka has more than 27 years of diversified design experience including responsibility for major projects requiring skills in site development, entitlements, public involvement, transportation planning and design, hydraulic analysis and structural design.  David's diverse engineering background enables him to understand the entire project developement process, from intial planning to final design, for both private and public entities. 

David has consulted with major corporate clients with a large range of markets and market impacts.  David's experience has allowed him to gain knowledge of critical site developement topics required to make a project successful.  From zoning and neighborhood concerns to safe vehicular and pedestrian routing, and detailed hydraulic analysis to prevent flooding and erosion.  David has experience in all aspects of project delivery.  However, a successful project involves more than just technical knowledge as projects impact the general public and their day to day lives.  Having experience in working with the public to strengthen community relationships is a must to ensure a project has a positive lasting impact once construction is over.  David has gained this valued skill set through the years and brings that critical experience to the team. 

Mr.Kochalka is a 1995 graduate of Texas A&M University, where he was conferred a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.