About Us

What You Need to Learn About Medica Development

Medica Development, LLC

("Medica") was founded in July 2007 by veteran health care architect William W. "Bill" Persefield, AIA, ACHA, ASHE, NCARB as a real estate development company with the deliberate focus of providing the operations-driven real estate and facility needs of hospitals and related health care service providers.

With experience in the planning, design, development, and delivery of all types and sizes of medical facilities, Medica team is capable of developing virtually any type of health care facility in any market.

We recognize the concerns and opportunities of our health care clients and strive to complement them as a true strategic real estate partner—meaning, Medica truly understands the real estate solution must support, not govern, health care operations and delivery.

Medica offers a wealth of expertise in project planning, finance, development, and delivery gained through personal hands-on leadership of highly complex, operationally efficient, and cost-effective medical facility projects in the United States and abroad.


Our Team

On every project, the facility development efforts of Medica Development are led by Bill Persefield, a veteran health care architect with over four decades of professional experience.

Medica provides the expertise that can only be gained through hands-on involvement and principal level leadership gained on major complex projects worldwide. The company brings the benefit of time-tested relationships with leading architects, engineers, and contractors that have repeatedly proven their ability to meet the unique challenges of operations-driven health care projects.

Key to the successful delivery of our projects, the professionals of Medica understand the comprehensive development, operational, activation, and certification processes from the vantage points of planner, designer, project executive, owner's representative, lender's representative, and hospital operator, as well as developer.

As specialists meeting the facility development needs of its health care clients, the development team of Medica leaders is highly attuned to the nuances that form the critical link between operations and facilities. We proactively manage the wide array of internal and external factors that can affect clinical, operational, and financial success, both short-term and long-term.

Beginning with operationally focused programs and achievable-yet-aggressive project budgets and schedules, we maximize building potential and negotiate optimal financing, all of which ultimately result in enhanced performance and value for investors, tenants, and the overall project.