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Medica Development, LLC is a healthcare-focused real estate development company that delivers non-speculative, build-to-suit healthcare and hospital facilities for a wide variety of medical services providers.  

Most of our operator clients prefer to lease these assets rather than own them, with Medica as a strategic real estate partner that helps preserve their financial resources and operational flexibility.

Led by Founding Principal and Chief Executive, William W. "Bill" Persefield, AIA, ACHA, ASHE, NCARB, President David K. "Dave" Kochalka, and Chief Medical Officer Robert L. Nichols MD , our development team is comprised of proven professionals who have devoted the vast majority of their careers to healthcare and led numerous, complex medical facility development projects in the United States and abroad.

Collectively, our team has in excess of a century of experience in delivering creative, highly functional solutions for healthcare services providers.

At Medica, we are committed to providing medical facility solutions that foster advanced, technologically suporior medical diagnostic and treatment procedures.


All photos of Methodist Hospital for Surgery © Thomas McConnell.